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Collector models made from LEGO® bricks
and components from other manufacturers

derKlassiker has been designing and producing licensed sets from LEGO® bricks for over 10 years.
These small series are for our licence partners
very detailed and coveted collector's items worldwide.
Unsere Lizenzpartner versenden die Modelle nach Europa, Amerika
and even as far as Japan and Australia.
All of the articles listed here are exquisite
derKlassiker collector's sets.

Models sold


Our models are available here

At the Remise you can not only admire the beautiful old Wiener Linien vehicles, no! You can also admire our beautiful Wiener Linien models on site and take them home with you. If you don't have the opportunity to visit us, you can also buy the LEGO® models. Order models online from Wiener Linien.

Die Wiener Linien sind unsere ersten und größten Partner. Es gibt kein Fahrzeug was auf der Straße unterweg ist, was nicht bereits von uns designed worden ist. Bei unserem Partner kannst du alle Wiener Linien Modelle erwerben.

Wiener Lokalbahnen has been an important partner of ours since 2017. From bus to tram models, there is everything possible. We have also designed a cargo locomotive for Wiener Lokalbahnen. In their online shop you can buy one or the other LEGO® model.

Walter Gröbl ist unser erster Einzelhändler der alle derKlassiker Modelle führt. Bei Ihm kann man auch nachschauen welche Modelle wir bereits schon designed haben. Er versendet unsere Modelle Europaweit.

Seit 2022 gibt es auch ein Lego Set für das Tierquartier. Über die Webseite kann man sich das kleine Rettungsauto mit Figuren und Tieren bestellen. Leider besitzt dieser Partner keinen Online Shop weshalb man direkt mit dem Tierquartier Kontakt aufnehmen muss.

Since 2022, HAVAG also known as Hallische Verkehrsbetriebe in Halle (Saale) has a bus. This is always very quickly out of stock, although you can not order the bus online. In the service center, however, you can take the bus.

FOUNDER AND CEO of derKlassiker

The company derKlassiker was founded in 2011 out of a hobby by our CEO Ing. Staringer Robert. He was an enthusiastic LEGO® builder as a child and has kept it up into adulthood.

With the sale of the first large-scale model, the Gloriette made of over 14,500 LEGO® components for the company MÜLLER HANDELS GMBH & CO. KG. he launched the company and the themed sets.

Licensed public transport models for various Austrian transport companies followed. Since 2021, models have also been produced for German licence partners.


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