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The benefits of being a community designer

We are not a normal company. We're a crazy bunch of different people. If you don't know us yet, you can here read a little about us. If you would like to be a Community Designer with us and earn some extra money with your hobby, you will not only receive money in return. Here are the benefits that await you.

Want to become a community designer too?
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We are always looking for new creative people!
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Sende uns dazu einfach ein oder zwei Modelle zu und wir werden sich dann in kürze bei dir melden. Vielleicht bist du der nächste glückliche Community Designer auf Stone Heap!

With us you design not only your own models, no, if we as a company have to work on large projects or are overwhelmed by all the requests that we now get weekly, then you have the Chanchen to work on one of the large projects. Of course, this is then financially attractive where each designer is fairly remunerated.

So what are you waiting for?
It can only be a "yes", since you have already a "no" 😉

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