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DB BR 110/E10 crease blue black



The item offered here is a digital assembly instruction in PDF file format. There are no construction elements included in the offer! The image is a digitally created image and is only intended to represent the finished product.

Number of bricks needed: 680
Level of difficulty: Easy
Age recommendation: 12+
Designed by: Mario

The class E 10 is a standard electric locomotive first built for the German Federal Railroad in 1952 for express train service. Since 1968, it has been known as the class 110 and its sub-series as the classes 112 to 115. For many years, the E 10 was the most important locomotive series in German express train service. After the railroad reform, the locomotives were used primarily in commuter service. Individual locomotives of the class 115 ran until 2020 in front of "passenger trains for special purposes" for the transfer of cars; in the meantime, all locomotives of this class have been retired from scheduled service.

The class 110.3/112 (German Federal Railroad) uses the body of the E 10.12 with a more protruding end face, also known as the "U-frame" box. The frame is supported on the bogies by coil springs and rubber elements. In the beginning, the locomotives ran unevenly, especially in the upper speed ranges, which required a lot of reworking of the bogies. Flexicoil suspension was also tested in two locomotives (110 475 and 476).

The locomotive represents the E10/110 ironing pleats in the original blue-black version with continuous fan grills.

The locomotive can be equipped with a powered up drive or with a 9 volt motor.

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