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DRG E-18



The item offered here is a digital assembly instruction in PDF file format. There are no construction elements included in the offer! The image is a digitally created image and is only intended to represent the finished product.

Number of stones: 1,057
Level of difficulty: Hard
Age recommendation: 14+
Designed by: Andi

In addition to the parts list, you will need the following wheels in the colour red:
8x M-wheels 24mm 
4x S-wheels 17,6mm

The E-18 locomotives are undoubtedly among the most beautiful electric locomotives in Germany.

Already during the construction of the predecessor machines, the DRG realised that the maximum speed of 130 km/h would no longer be sufficient. So planning began for a new 150 km/h locomotive, which was to be based on the chassis of the E 17 and electrically on the E 04. In 1935, the first test locomotives of the E 18 were delivered to the German Reichsbahn Gesellschaft.

8 locomotives were destroyed during air raids or accidents during the war or were taken out of service due to excessive damage. 39 locomotives went to the Deutsche Bundesbahn, 3 to the DR in the east and 2 to the ÖBB.

The model shows the DRG or DB version with red wheels and steel blue paint. The model can be motorised with a Power Functions L-motor. In addition, the locomotive can already be driven on the R40 radius.

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