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MaK DE1024 / BR 240

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The item offered here is a digital assembly instruction in PDF file format. There are no construction elements included in the offer! The image is a digitally created image and is only intended to represent the finished product.

Number of bricks needed: 784
Level of difficulty: Easy
Age recommendation: 12+
Designed by: Mario

At the end of the 1980s, three new prototypes were built, designated DE 1024. The six-axle locomotives, approved for 160 km/h, had a diesel engine generating 2,650 kW, which supplied the energy for the three-phase motors via a generator. The DE 1024 was designed as a multi-purpose locomotive. The diesel engine was started by means of compressed air.
The locomotives, which were completed in 1989, were leased by Deutsche Bundesbahn in 1990 and thoroughly tested, especially in northern Germany, but not purchased. From DB's point of view, there was no real need, since on the one hand the electrification of further main lines in northern Germany and on the other hand the surplus of strong diesel-electric locomotives of the class 232 of the Deutsche Reichsbahn that existed after the reunification made an acquisition unnecessary.

The model can be equipped with one or two powered up drives or one or two 9V motors.

The minimum radius is R40.

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1 review for MaK DE1024 / BR 240

  1. Matthias Renz

    Die Lok ist sehr lang. Das sieht auf R40-Kurven nicht ganz so gut aus. Außerdem ist die Mitte der Lok nicht gut getroffen. Da fehlt die Rundung, wenn der rote Strich nach oben geht. Das habe ich mit Slopes und Inverted-Slopes behoben. Weil ich nur R40-Radien habe (12 Volt System) wurde die Lok um 8 Noppen verkürzt. Sieht immer noch sehr gut aus. Der Aufbau ist einfach. Einige Baupraktiken sind sehr interesant. Von mir gibt es eine klare Kaufempfehlung!

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