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Siemens Vectron ÖBB BR 1293



The item offered here is a digital assembly instruction in PDF file format. There are no construction elements included in the offer! The image is a digitally created image and is only intended to represent the finished product.

Number of bricks needed: 877
Level of difficulty: Easy
Age recommendation: 12+
Designed by: Mario

The Siemens Vectron is a locomotive platform of the German rail vehicle manufacturer Siemens Mobility, which replaces the EuroSprinter electric and the diesel-electric EuroRunner families respectively their further development Siemens ES 2007 from 2010. Both electric and diesel-electric locomotives will again be built on this platform. The series designations for the different Vectron variants in Germany are 6191 to 6193 for the electric or 1247 for the diesel-electric, 2248 for the dual-mode and 2249 for the dual-mode light variant and are already in use. The price of a Vectron is between three and five million euros, depending on the equipment (diesel/electric/multi-system version).

Locomotives of this type have been sold over 1500 times to a total of 62 customers as of August 2022. The vehicles have covered more than 600 million fleet kilometres to date. They are registered in 20 countries.

This model represents the variant of the Vectron as BR 1293 from ÖBB.

The model has a minimum radius of R40 and can be equipped with one or two Powered Up drives or one or two 9 Volt motors.

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